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  • Working at Vivo has helped fast track my development that would have otherwise been much slower at some place else. This environment is tailored to the courageous, independent, and entrepreneurial but I was not like this much at the start. With a team such as mine, you really can’t help but incorporate these traits into your arsenal, everyone pushes each other but also provides space to try and find your way. This unique mix of support helped me develop those skills at my own pace but with my own remix to it if you’d like, in turn, I’m able to address so much that would come in my line of sight in both my professional and personal life. My crystal ball is saying the next year will be even better and if the year to date is anything to go by, I believe it will be.


    Accounts Assistant | Living Barefoot since 2021

  • Throughout my degree I was taught that it was important to find a company with values were aligned to. This didn’t really make any sense to me, of the other businesses I worked for the values didn’t mean anything to them, and so to me it was a revelation when I joined Vivo. It clicked! A company that genuinely believed in something and something I could get behind too!


    Finance Manager | Living Barefoot Since 2018

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